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Lord Farquaad and mirror

Lord Farquaad; the apparent ruler of Duloc

The Lordship of Duloc is part of the Shrek Universe. It loosely resembles a theme park. It was also the home of Lord Farquaad. Farquaad spends his short existence on film in the quest to make Duloc, the 'perfect place'. In the Halloween special, Scared Shrekless, the kingdom appears deserted and the town is empty. Shrek and Donkey are greeted by the song, "Welcome to Duloc" when they first visit the town.

Geographical Information

Situated on the edge of a giant cornfield, the Town of Duloc is surrounded by high walls and must be entered via turnstiles at the entrance. Towering over the city is Lord Farquaad's Palace, but other notable buildings can included the Duloc Arena.

Duloc also hosted the competition in which Lord Farquaad chose who would rescue Princess Fiona from the castle in which she was held captive by the Dragon

After the death of Lord Farquaad the city was later abandoned. 


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