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"Happiest Totalitarian Dictatorship On Earth" (Well... second happiest)



The Lordship of Duloc is part of the Shrek Universe and it loosely resembles a theme park. It was also the home of Lord Farquaad, who spent his short existence in the film trying to make Duloc, a "perfect place".

In the Halloween special, Scared Shrekless, the kingdom appears to be deserted and empty.

Detailed Information


Duloc main street

Situated on the edge of a giant cornfield, the Lordship of Duloc is surrounded by high walls and must be entered via turnstiles at a entrance parking lot. Beyond the gates, there are many white houses with blue accents, and many shops with pink flowers and green trees. One gift shop sold nothing but Lord Farquaad souvenirs.


The ye Olde Souvenir Shoppe

Towering over the city is the Duloc Castle, where the Lord lives, but other notable buildings can include the Cathedral and Courtyard/Area. The Duloc arena hosted the competition in which Lord Farquaad chose who would rescue Princess Fiona from the castle in which she was held captive by the Dragon.

In the events of Scared Shrekless, the Lordship was seen to have been abandoned.

Duloc Information Booth

At the Duloc information booth, tiny Duloc Dolls sing "Welcome to Duloc", after which a picture is taken of the puller.

In Scared Shrekless, the Duloc Dolls sing a much more frightening version of the song, and the dolls themselves are very creepy.

Political Information

Government system: Lordal Monarchy (de jure); Dictatorship (de facto)

Ruler: Lord or Lady (can become King by marrying a Princess)

Most recent known Lord: Farquaad

Former rulers: Pea (disinherited)

Duloc is a Lordship ruled by a Lord or Lady. If the Lord was to marry a Princess, he could be crowned King. When Lord Farquaad ruled Duloc, he was a totalitarian dictator.


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