FGM Drive Thru is a stand-post machine where you be able to buy potions in the PC version of Shrek 2 (video game).

List of PotionsEdit

  • Ka-Pow Extra Strength Potion: This potion makes you a mighty man!
  • Frog Nog Supreme: Turn anyone - not just a prince - into a frog!
  • See Me Not Invisibility Cream: This potion makes you invisible!
  • Winks Sleeping Gas: Sleep potion will make it easy to slip away.
  • BO Noxious Stink Potion: This stink potion will curl their toes!
  • We Me Shrink Potion: This is a shrink potion. It'll make you small.
  • Itsy Bitsy Dust: Shrink all of your enemies with this one!
  • Flash Freeze Frosty Flakes: This freeze potion will stop your enemies cold!
  • Sweetest Delights Love Potion: This love potion will make all of your enemies fall for you.
Retrieved from WikiShrek (, the wiki all about Shrek.

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