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Headless Horseman
The Headless Horseman





Far Far Away








Conrad Vernon (in Shrek 3) and Bobby Kimball (in Thriller)

Edward Chop, The Headless Horseman was a brave, and skilled knight to the evil king Zorax.


Early Life

He lost his head while in a battle against six other men and knights to King Harold. He bravely fought but in the end he lost his head and also his horse, the knights dumped his body in a hole and buried him. An evil wizard named Fidlle Xix observed this occurrence and used a dark magic to bring the horseman and his horse back to life, and made the horseman his slave.

For about five and a half years the horseman killed all of Fidlle Xix enemies by cutting off their heads until the horseman wanted his own revenge. So by cutting off Fidlle Xix head the horseman freed himself and went in search for a new head. he eventually became a sidekick to the evil Prince Charming but later retired and moved to Sleepy Hollow where he stole the head of Ichabod Crane.

Shrek 2

The Headless Horseman had a very minor role in the film. He appear at The Poison Apple drinking (possibly) beer.

Shrek the Third

He has a major role in this film. He joins Charming's team to take possession of Far Far Away.

Thriller Night

The Headless Horseman appears as a zombie in Shrek's dream.


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