A lot of fairytale creatures where banished in Shrek's swamp. In that list are these creatures and their givers:


  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by the Evil Queen

The Unicorn by Alice

A Witch by a man

An Elf by a man

The Three Bears by Goldilocks

Pinocchio by Geppetto

Donkey by the Old Woman 

Tinkerbell and other Fairies by Peter Pan

Three Little Pigs by their owner

Big Bad Wolf by Little Red Riding Hood

Three Blind Mice

Cinderella by Doris and Mabel her ugly stepsisters

The Old Lady in the Shoe by the Royal Guards

Pied Piper by the Hamelin people

The Fairy Godmothers by Sleeping Beauty

Creatures with Unknown giver

Retrieved from WikiShrek (, the wiki all about Shrek.

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