"She's not welcome here and neither are you. [Hawks, spits] What do you want, Charming?"

Mabel is the sister of Doris and the stepsister of Cinderella. She first appears in Shrek the Third, where she assists Prince Charming in his plan to take over Far Far Away.


Shrek the Third

Mabel is Doris' sister and Cinderella's stepsister. She works at The Poison Apple as a bartender filling in Doris' position. She joins Charming's regime after he makes a dramatic speech about taking over Far Far Away. Mabel and Doris meet and reconile at the end of Shrek the Third after Charming is crushed by a falling tower. Mabel also has a crush on Charming. She is voiced by Regis Philbin.

Shrek Forever After

Mabel appears two times in Shrek Forever After, first time at the ogre triplets' birthday party where she tells Shrek that he forgot the candles for the birthday cake and second time where she grew old as one of the many viewers of Rumpelstiltskin's message in the alternate reality.

Shrek Thriller Night

Mabel appears in the background with the Muffin Man at the end when Shrek wakes from his nightmare.



Mabel is a short chubby woman who sports a green floor length dress. She has brown hair with a round and gentle looking facial appearance. She does not have a male physique like her sister Doris, but draws on her eyebrows all the same. Although she is not ugly to a degree like Doris, her title may be attributed to the fact that she has some weight on her, and in comparison to Cinderella she is ugly and like her sister, her voice is deep like a male.

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