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Merlin (Shrek the Third)



Magic teacher at Worcestershire Academy (formerly)


Merlin's House




unknown relatives


Human (wizard)


Eric Idle

Mr. Merlin is an old wizard first introduced in Shrek the Third. He is based on the sorcerer of Arthurian legend and that of the character in Disney's "The Sword and the Stone".


Shrek the Third

Shrek, Donkey, Puss, and Artie come across Merlin, who is revealed by Artie that he was the old high school magic teacher. The school had to fire him because he was insane, he then found a house made out of stones somewhere and started to live there. Shrek and his team had to be teleported away to Far Far Away but Merlin refused until Artie begged to do it. Since his magic is very weird he teleported them away but changing the bodies of Donkey and Puss. At the end of the film Donkey and Puss asked if they could get back in their own body and that happened only now their tails were swapped.

Merlin 2

Merlin about to teleport Shrek, Puss In Boots, Donkey and Arthur.


Merlin is bald but has white hair with a very long beard. Merlin wears a blue and yellow dress-like-shirt with a wizard hat (also with short blue pants, though unseen), white dirty socks, and brown dirty sandals. He also wears circular spectacles.


"I am a buzzing bee."

"Forget it. I don't have that kind of magic in me anymore. How about a hug? That's the best kind of magic."

–Merlin denying the use of magic to help Artie.


  • He is based on the Disney film "The Sword in the Stone" character of the same name.
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