The Muffin Man is the creator and "father" of Gingy and Mongo. He first appears in Shrek 2.



Gingy mentions the Muffin Man while being interrogated by Lord Farquaad but the interrogation gets cut off shortly upon the arrival of the Magic Mirror.

Shrek 2Edit

Gingy has an idea to break into the Far Far Away palace and takes Shrek, Donkey and Puss to the Muffin Man who bakes a giant gingerbread man named Mongo.

Shrek the ThirdEdit

The Muffin Man appears in Gingy's memories. Gingy recalls when he first came out of the oven, the Muffin Man cries "Gingy!", to which Gingy replies "Papa!".

Shrek Forever AfterEdit

He clearly makes a cake for Shrek and presents it to him. After the three little pigs eat it, he easily makes another. Once Shrek smashed the cake he and Gingy stare and Gingy's pants fall down in shock.

Scared ShreklessEdit

In The Bride of Gingy, he makes Gingy a new girlfriend named Sugar. He tells Gingy that she contains the most sugar ever put in a cookie. But since Gingy made the story up, its not known if she was even real.

Shrek Thriller NightEdit

He appears in the background of the theater with Mabel on his shoulder when Shrek wakes from his nightmare. He and Mabel may be in a relationship.

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