"He can fly!"

Peter Pan is a character that only appears in the first Shrek film. He was mistaken for in Shrek The Third.



In Shrek, Peter is seen waiting in line to sell Tinkerbell to Lord Farquaad's army. When Tinkerbell inadvertently sprinkles fairy dust on Donkey, Peter cries "He can fly!".

Shrek the Third

When the villains enter Far Far Away, Captain Hook stops by a local boy, mistaking him for Peter Pan. When a girl corrects the pirate, he responds, "Shut it, Wendy!".

Shrek the Musical

Pan is seen in the musical as a fairy tale character evicted to Shrek's Swamp. Before singing Freak Flag, he suggests that everyone close their eyes and "clap really, really hard." Another fairy tale creature tells him to grow up. "I won't grow up," says Pan. Another character says he is 34 and needing a shave.

Video games

In the video game, Shrek the Third, it is implied that Captain Hook killed Peter. Though, if the games have any canon with the films, Hook is not surprised when he mistakes a boy for Peter Pan in the film upon which the video game was based.

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