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Poison Apple

The Poison Apple is a bar / tavern, where villains in the Shrek universe go to drink alcohol. After the villains become good at the end of "Shrek the Third", the whole place changes from a bar to a restaurant similar to that of a standard family eatery.

The sign for the Poison Apple is an apple, with the bar name written on it. Its name comes from the fairy tale Snow White.


Doris, the bartender

Travel Guide


The Poison Apple is located at the end of the Pinocchio River in Far Far Away.

Unhappy Hour

Fuzzy navels and beer.

Unhappy hour is served from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM.

Bright Side

If you are in need of a drink with some villains or looking for a villain for hire, the Poison Apple is the place to come.

Who is Who




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