The Puppet Master is a minor antagonist in Shrek the Third. He is a regular at the Poison Apple.


Shrek the Third

He is seen with the regulars in the Poison Apple and is persuaded to join Prince Charming in his plan to take over Far Far Away after he realizes how unfair it is that villains never get a happily ever after and says, "I hate that little wooden puppet".

At the climax of the film, after Charming summons all the villains to subdue the heros, Arthur assures everyone that they can choose to do other things besides being evil, and the Puppet Master gives up being villian and reforms, becoming good.

Shrek the Third (video game)

Though he isn't seen, a picture of him is seen in his workshop. It is revealed that his name is Stromboli (like the Disney film) as the level is called "Stromboli's Workshop."


  • He is based off of the character Mangiafuoco from the The Adventures of Pinocchio and of Stromboli from Disney's Pinocchio.
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