Quasimodo is a character only appearing in the video game Shrek Super Slam. His Super Slam is that he rings with his bells to stun his opponents.

Quasimodo is from the story The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Quasimodo lives in the Notre Dame and just moved over to Shrek's Swamp. At night he plays his Bell Drums, that causes Shrek and Fiona to wake up and get angry. So he went to Quasimodo and asked him says to him it's 4 hour in the morning. But Quasimodo says he wants to rock, and Shrek only wants to keep it quiet since he hasn't sleep since he moved next to them. Quasimodo says that they need a beauty sleep because they are ugly which Fiona hears and they eventually go into a battle with each other.


Quasimodo loves to play rock music on his bells all day long, and has no manners.


Quasimodo has long orange hair that covers his eyes, he wears a green shirt with yellow lines and has a blue sweater beneath it. with ropes around it acting as a belt and blue jeans and brown shoes. And of course he has a hump in his back. Overall he looks nothing like the other Quasimodo's.

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