The Royalty of Duloc are the rulers of the Lordship of Duloc and its surrounding lands. They reside in the Duloc Castle.


The banner of Lord Farquaad


Long ago, as revealed in "The Ballad of Farquaad", Duloc once had a Princess named Pea, but soon Pea met a Dwarf of lower status named Grumpy. Pea and Grumpy fell in love, and soon were married, however, Pea, because of her marriage to a dwarf, was disinherited of her title as Princess of Duloc.

Pea and Grumpy later had a son, that they named Farquaad.

Pea couldn't sleep bcause of a lumpy mattress, so Grumpy stacked 25 mattresses on top of one another to ease his wife's sleeping. Unfortunately, Pea fell from the top of the very high bed too her death. From then on Grumpy raised Farquaad until he was kicked out of the house because he was 28 years old and living in the basement. It is assumed that Farquaad later claimed his title by birth right: Lord of Duloc.

Lord Farquaad and mirror

As Lord of Duloc, Farquaad had a strong distaste for magical beings, calling them "Fairy tale creatures", and had them all exiled to Shrek's swamp so he could make Duloc a "Perfect Place".

Farquaad wanted to have the title of 'King of Duloc', but the only way of having the title, was to marry a Princess. After seeing three legible Princesses, he unknowingly of her curse, chose Fiona. To have her rescued from a tower, he held a tournament for his knights to fight, the winner of the tournament, would have the honor of rescuing Fiona from her tower. However, a ogre named Shrek, originally coming to Duloc to see about the fairy tale creature problem in his swamp, ends up fighting off the knights and winning the chance to rescue Fiona.

When Shrek returned to Duloc with Fiona, they secretly fell for each other, but Shrek overheard her conversation with Donkey about her curse, and thought it an insult about him being a "ugly" ogre, so he brought Farquaad over to her and Farquaad proposed marriage, and Fiona accepted, but only if they could get married before sunset.

Moments after their marrige, Farquaad found out about Fiona's curse and he immediately called the guards and planned on locking her up in the tower again and killing Shrek. However, Dragon ended up devouring him, killing him once and for all.


The ruler of Duloc is a Lord, but this Lord can become a King by marring a Princess.

Known Royal Members

  • Lord Farquaad (former Lord and King) (marries Fiona and became King briefly).
  • Princess Fiona (briefly Queen) (wife of Farquaad until he is killed).
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