Scared Shrekless
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Scared Shrekless


24 minutes

Release Date

October 28, 2010, 8PM

Release on DVD

September 13, 2011 (DVD)

August 28, 2012 (Blu-ray)



Production information
Directed by

Gary Trousdale
Raman Hui

Produced by

Karen Foster
Chad Hammes


Mike Myers
Cameron Diaz
Dean Edwards
Antonio Banderas

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Shrek Forever After Scared Shrekless Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular
Scared Shrekless is a Dreamworks Halloween special that premiered on NBC at 8:00 p.m. on October 28, 2010 after Shrek Forever After.


Halloween is Shrek's favorite holiday, and this year he is planning a night of frights — all done ogre-style. Instead of the usual tricks or treats, Shrek challenges Donkey, Puss in Boots and the other fairy tale creatures to spend the night in Lord Farquaad's abandoned castle of Duloc, while telling scary stories. The last one to be scared "Shrekless" wins, and is crowned King of Halloween.

Gingy goes first, claiming his story is true, but near the end of his story, he says the gingerbread zombies in his story ate him, scaring the Three Little Pigs and making them go "Wee, Wee, Wee All The Way Home". The Wolf is forced to leave as the Pigs are his "ride". After realizing the error in Gingy's story, Shrek rats out Gingy who then leaves to hide his embarrassment.

The remaining characters are Puss, Donkey, Shrek and Pinocchio. Puss and Donkey both attempt to tell their own story but end up cutting each other off in the middle of a sentence. Puss ends it by saying a giant waffle monster ate Donkey. However, Donkey comes out of the waffle's mouth and unleashes Puss' worst fear: getting sprayed with a spray bottle. Puss scurries off while Shrek says it's cheating.

Shrek finally tells his story about him playing the role of a babysitter sent to control a child who has gone mad (Pinocchio). After several mishaps, Shrek sends Pinocchio out of the window and him falling down the stairs. It turns out what was "possessing" him was none other than Jiminy Cricket who hid in Pinocchio's head controlling Pinocchio's thoughts. The story ends with Pinocchio smashing him as revenge. Pinocchio then runs out of the castle after Shrek shows him a cricket. Only Donkey and Shrek are left when Shrek decides to wait for Lord Farquaad's Ghost.

Suddenly, chairs start moving, the chandelier starts rocking, causing Donkey to think it's a prank when Shrek claims he's not behind this. A knight suddenly come to life, scaring Donkey out of the castle saying "Dooooooooooooonkeeeeeeeeeeeyyy!!!!" It turns out that Fiona used a strange megaphone for the voice and the babies were the knight. Fiona then says she has seven eggs which ends the story as the ogre family threw the eggs at the Seven Dwarfs.

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Thriller Night

Thriller 7

Thriller Night

Shrek, Fiona, Donkey & Puss In Boots perform Michael Jackson's Thriller music video on the streets of Far Far Away. Pied Piper brings the dead to life and makes them dance to Donkey singing Thriller.


Thriller 5

Thriller Night Dance


  • Despite Fiona being biologically a human, she acts like ogres of the "kings" of Halloween, despite not being a biological ogre herself.
  • Shrek calls ogres "kings" of Halloween, though the word "king" exclusively means a male monarchy, and never uses the phrase "kings and queens."
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