There is a scene in the credits where Shrek reads a potion's label.

He then reads that a side effect is "sudden loss of depth perception".

He drinks the potion, and he notices that his foot is 3D, not 2D.

Directed by:

Andrew Adamson

Kelly Asbury

Conrad Vernon

Produced by:

Aron Warner

David Lipman

John H. Williams

Co-Executive Producer:

Karen Foster

Executive Producer:

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Based Upon the Book By:

William Steig

Story by:

Andrew Adamson

Screenplay by:

Andrew Adamson

Joe Stillman

J. David Stem

David N. Weiss


Toni Hudson

Music by:

Harry Gregson Williams

Music Supervisor:

Chris Douridas


Michael Andrews

Sim Evan Jones

Production Designer:

Guillaume Aretos

Visual Effects Supervisor:

Ken Bielenberg

Co-Visual Effects Supervisor:

Philippe Gluckman

Art Director:

Steve Pilcher

Supervising Animators:

Raman Hui

James Baxter

Tim Cheung

Associate Producer:

Jan Blenkin

Assistant Producer:

Carolynne Cunningham

Production Manager:

Denise Nolan Cascino

Senior Production Manager:

Kristen D. Chidel

Casting by:

Leslie Feldman

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