Princess Sleeping Beauty is one of Fiona's Princess friends. She is voiced by Cheri Oteri.


Shrek 2Edit

Sleeping Beauty is first mentioned at the start of Shrek 2, when Shrek is reading Fiona's diary. It says that Fiona wasn't allowed to go to Sleeping Beauty's sleepover because of her curse. She is later seen, where she tumbles out of her carriage at the Royal Ball after being announced.

Shrek the ThirdEdit

She has a greater role in the film, which involves helping Fiona and the other princesses fight guards to gain access to the castle to save Shrek.


Sleeping Beauty in her first appearance in the second film wore a light blue dress. In the third film she wears a green and white dress, has dark green eyes and shoulder length goldish ashy brown hair ontop of which she has a smaller silver tiara. She has the same nose shape as Rapunzel. She has long brown hair.


Sleeping Beauty appeared as a slow on the uptake. Along with that, she is very sleepy and has narcolepsy.


  • Her name has been made into a reference for her Narcolepsy that she was diagnosed with when she was young.                                                                   


Retrieved from WikiShrek (, the wiki all about Shrek.

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