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Snow White
Snow White





Her castle




The 7 Dwarfs (foster family)
Evil Queen (step mother)




Amy Poehler

Bachelorette number two is a cape wearing girl from the land of fancy. Although she lives with seven other men, she's not easy. Just kiss her dead, frozen lips and find out what a live wire she is. Come on. Give it up for Snow White!

–Magic Mirror introducing Lord Farquaad to Snow White

Princess Snow White is a character from the fairy tale Snow White who appears in Shrek, Shrek The Third and Shrek Forever After, as part of Fiona's princess circle. She is voiced by Amy Poehler.



Snow White in Shrek

Snow White appears along with the fairy tale creatures banished to Shrek's Swamp by Lord Farquaad. She is sleeping in her glass coffin, handled by The 7 Dwarves. Later the Magic Mirror also gave her as an option to be the wife of Lord Farquaad. She is also one of the princesses who attempts to catch the bouquet, but Dragon catches it first.

Shrek The ThirdEdit

Snow White appears in Shrek the Third now with a major role. She is one of the princesses in Fiona's princesses circle along with: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Doris, Rapunzel and Dragon. Later when Far Far Away was attacked by the villains (led by Prince Charming), she along with the princesses escaped though a secret tunnel. After Rapunzel betrayed them they eventually escaped from the prison with the help of Queen Lillian and prepared for battle. Snow White is the one who knocks out the guards of the castle Steve and Ed with the help of the animal creatures by singing "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin. She was then later seen at the end when they turned the bad guys to good guys.

Shrek Forever AfterEdit

She makes a cameo appearance at the party for the Ogre Triplets.


Snow White can summon animals and communicate with them through song.


Snow White, unlike her traditional characterization is portrayed as being arrogant, acerbic, sarcastic, opinionated, stubborn, stuck up and lazy. She gives Fiona one of her dwarves as a baby shower gift, and states that all of the Princesses (with an exception to Doris) were all fair maidens. She seemingly resents Rapunzel, stating "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thy golden extensions" as they walked in the sewers to escape. 

Despite this, she is genuinely loyal and plays a major role in the fight against Prince Charming (see above).

Physical appearanceEdit

Snow White sports short black hair with a yellow ribbon, white skin, red lips and cheeks and light blue eyes, and is seen wearing the same dress throughout her movie appearances. An exception is that in the first Shrek movie, her dress has white sleeves, while in the third movie, her dress sports purple sleeves to match her skirt. She has a heart tattoo on her arm with Dopey's name inside it, which can be seen when it shows the princesses preparing for battle and ripping their sleeves and skirts off.


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