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Made up








Muffin Man (creator), Gingy (ex-boyfriend)


Magical gingerbread


Kristen Schaal

Sugar is Gingy's girlfriend and is the main antagonist seen in the Halloween special, Scared Shrekless.


Scared Shrekless

Sugar is made by The Muffin Man, with extra sugar added by Gingy, for extra sweetness (against Muffin Man's advice). They were in love for about 7 1/2 minutes. She then becomes obsessed with him, causing Gingy to run away from her. She catches up to him, and after a brief fight, falls in a batch of dough and is mixed up, rolled out and rebaked, thus creating hundreds of her. The army of zombie Sugars attack Gingy's gingerbread house and eat him. Gingy made this story up, so her existence was made up as well.

Sugar wears a pretty maize yellow dress, with five orange stars on the front, and three on the back (all of various sizes). She has a white pearl necklace, and bracelet on her right arm. She has dark brown hair, with bangs that go to the right, and hair that curls out and up at the bottom. She has piercing green eyes (and black eyelashes), black eyebrows and red lips. As for shoes, it appears she has none, apart from two straight, maize yellow lines across her 'ankles', similar to what Gingy has, although his are squiggly and white.

Although Sugar is probably made up, she did make a cameo appearance in a commercial for cruise, alongside Gingy. Its not known if that means she's real or if she was there because she's property of Dreamworks, since Marty and Alex were seen in the commerical.

She was voiced by, Kristen Schaal a voice actor.(as shown in the 'Scared Shrekless' credits list).

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