The Swamp seen in Shrek Forever After

Shrek's swamp is the residence of Shrek, his wife Fiona, and their ogre triplets.


The swamp has an outhouse. And the path to Shrek's Garden, where he likes to grow weeds. In the Third Shrek film, Shrek builds a mud water slide. There is also a mud shower, and a large courtyard-like area where the fairy tale creatures were taken in the first film. It also Shrek's hut. In the alternate reality, it is an empty tree stump with no doors or windows carved into it and the trees have rotted away and weeds cover the courtyard and Shrek's Garden is gone.


The Swamp House contains two rooms. As you enter you'll come across the main room, which functions as both a kitchen and dining room. There is also a bed for the Ogre Triplets. And the west of the main room is Shrek and Fiona's bedroom. In Rumpelstiltskin’s universe there is no furniture in the house because it is just an empty tree stump with no doors of windows carved into it. Outside, he has an ogre mud bath where he can relax and play with his children.





Swamp Creatures Aerial

Swamp while infested with Fairytale Creatures

  • Shrek put up a sign in front of the Swamp saying to Keep Out. It has a painting of Shrek on it. In each film Shrek usually attaches a new painting on the sign. In Shrek 2, he painted Fiona and put her on the sign. In Shrek Forever After, he paints the Ogre Triplets and put them on the sign.
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