I like the Shrek series, but my favorite has always been the first one. It was the funniest, had the best story and also the best character pairings I have ever seen. The most important pairings were interspecies pairings (human-ogre and donkey-dragon). It was unusual but it worked out great and was plot important.

That wasn't the only reason I remember the first movie so well. It was also because of Miss Dragon. I developed a crush on her because she was a sweet heart and affectionate once you got to know her. When she wrapped Donkey in her tail and was flirting with him, I wanted to be in his place and have a strong beautiful reptile living with me. It was the reason why I had a tail fetish and fantasized about receiving warm tail hugs. I wanted to be completely wrapped up in a tail (I'm a strange person, but I am being honest here).

Eventually, my crush changed from Miss Dragon (who I nicknamed Dalinda) to a white anthropomorphic fox named Duchess. She is based on an animal friend (a small dog to be exact) I knew years ago; I made her a vixen to remember the real Duchess. I haven't forgotten about Dalinda but we are just friends now. My fox girlfriend is now my one true love.

Retrieved from WikiShrek (, the wiki all about Shrek.

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