aka gay

  • I live in The Tops casino
  • My occupation is Holden Caulfield with mental health issues and a predilection for pasta
  • I am homo erectus if you know what I mean

    Azula from the Avatar planet eats an onion and is teleported to Far Far Away on Earth. However, she lands in Shrek's swamp. Returning from a mud bath, Shrek is enraged by the intruder and questions as to why she is in her swamp. Dazed and confused at this entire situation, she responds by shooting a line of fire from her fingertips. Shrek kicks the fire, making it explode, and cracks his ogre knuckles. "Alright laddeh, yuh brought theese on yerself." 

    Shrek has all of his video game, comic, and movie powers. He does have his 4chan powers, but he decided to go easy on the wee lil' fire bender. Basically, super sonic speed, deadly farts, the ability to ragdoll an army of knights with nothing but his fists and wits, and fire fart breath. He also ha…

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Retrieved from WikiShrek (, the wiki all about Shrek.

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