Azula from the Avatar planet eats an onion and is teleported to Far Far Away on Earth. However, she lands in Shrek's swamp. Returning from a mud bath, Shrek is enraged by the intruder and questions as to why she is in her swamp. Dazed and confused at this entire situation, she responds by shooting a line of fire from her fingertips. Shrek kicks the fire, making it explode, and cracks his ogre knuckles. "Alright laddeh, yuh brought theese on yerself." 

Shrek has all of his video game, comic, and movie powers. He does have his 4chan powers, but he decided to go easy on the wee lil' fire bender. Basically, super sonic speed, deadly farts, the ability to ragdoll an army of knights with nothing but his fists and wits, and fire fart breath. He also has the ability to form a purple shield around him, fly across the room in a cloud of light, and land punches so hard that people are sent also across the room as seen in SuperSlam. He can break boxes with his pure strength and has the strength to open a solid gold chest, along with slamming the floor and unleashing a green ray of mystic energy, as seen in Shrek the Third (PSP).

Azula has her TV and comic powers. One of the most powerful firebenders, and she can bend blue and deadlier flames. Azula is a brilliant strategist in war, but quick thinking will be the only thing to save her from receiving the ogrelord's divine fists of fury. She is extremely agile and good at unarmed combat. She's also insane and has an ego the size of the Death Star, so there's that.

The Shrekening

Azula steps back, examining the hulking ogre in ancient clothing. The ogre roared a mighty roar, causing her ears to ring as she stumbled back. Shrek made his way to the firebender, sprinting over in a terrifying manner. As he was about to dropkick here, she jumped out of the way and over him, releasing a ring of fire as she landed on her feet. "Yer an acrobatic laddie, eh lad?" Shrek muttered, turning around and staring her down as the fire dissolved into the air. She opened her mouth, but instead of words came her lightly gasping and shaking. She had never witnessed such a creature, both elegant, majestic, yet dreadful and deadly. She quickly examined the swamp for a weak spot, and smiled psychotically, releasing a thin flame to a meat hook placed above Shrek. He had used it earlier to store his ranch dressing collection. However, Shrek saw this coming from the former albeit short lived Fire Lord, and grabbed the hook and threw it towards her. She barely had time to react with the speed of the hook, and it had grazed her side as it went on to fly across the Earth and eventually cause a nuclear power plant to explode. She grunted with pain, but fled across the swamp and shot blades of fire towards the dreadful ogrelord. The flames penetrated his ogre skin, but it had done barely any damage to the ogre of old. He ran with nearly super sonic speed towards him, dropkicking her and sending her rolling across the swampy grass. 

Frantically, she got back on her feat, throwing herself into the air by shooting fire into the ground, and she released three balls of blue fire from his finger tips at the ogre. Shrek dodged this with his majestic power of jumping and slammed his entire body into the muddy dirt, sending Azula flying and landing into a lake of mud. Shrek ran to her before she even had a moment to react, and ran his meaty ogre paw down her back, snapping her spine. She screamed in agony for a split millisecond, Shrek knocking her out with a blow to the head. He then chanted an ancient Aztec ritual, sending her back to her home planet. "Heh, teenage dictator firebenders. Such laddies." he chuckled, returning to his swamp to make spaghetti. 

post credits thing

Bloodied and broken, Azula laid in the grass of her homeworld. She finally woke from her ogre induced slumber, discovering that her back was no longer shrekt. She pushed herself up, stumbling as she regained her balance.

"Hello, Azula." a British voice said behind her, Azula snapping to the location of said voice. "Wh-"

"I'm the Doctor." a man wearing a stupid fez said, stepping out of a smoke filled TARDIS. "And I need your help."

Retrieved from WikiShrek (, the wiki all about Shrek.

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