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But he still has great friends. This is his sidekick, Donkey. His other sidekick's name is Puss in Boots, a kitty with style (and an accent.)

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Donkey's promotional picture



Noble Steed


Donkey and Dragon's House




Dragon (wife)
Eclair (daughter)
Peanut (son)
Bananas (son)
Parfiet (son)
Coco (daughter)
Debbie (daughter)
The Ogre Triplets (surrogate nephews and niece)
Shrek (surrogate brother)
Fiona (surrogate sister-in-law)
Puss in Boots (surrogate brother)


Donkey, Stallion (temporarily)


Eddie Murphy (English, films,and Father of the Pride)
Dean Edwards (Scared Shrekless)
Mark Moseley (video games,, ADR work)

You might be looking for Donkey (race).

Donkey is the deuteragonist of the Shrek franchise. He is Shrek's best friend and sidekick, Dragon's husband, and the Dronkeys' father.


Donkey and Shrek



Donkey is first seen with an old lady who was his owner and the two of them, along with other characters, were in a line for people who had fairy tale creatures and they exchange the creatures for money. When she was there, Donkey refused to talk and the knights took her away. Then, Donkey accidentally gets hit by fairy dust, making him fly. He exposed himself by talking while flying, but after the few seconds of him flying, it was over and he hit the ground. The knights tackled him, but he was still able to escape from them fast enough and literally bumped into Shrek. Shrek scared the knights away by posing as the giant, and after that, Donkey wanted to be Shrek's friend to repay him. Shrek was annoyed by Donkey, so he tried to scare Donkey away by roaring at him, but Donkey wasn't scared. Donkey told Shrek that he does need a few tic-tacs for Shrek's stinky breath as he followed him to his home. Shrek is surprised by Donkey's appreciaton for him.

Donkey pleaded to stay, but Shrek kicked him out, so Donkey stayed outside.

Then, at night, Shrek found many other fairy tale creatures outside his house (besides Donkey). He orders them all to leave, but don't go as they say they were sent there by Lord Farquaad.

So, Donkey and Shrek go to the kingdom of Duloc to confront Farquaad. When they meet him, Farquaad decided that in order for the fairy tale creatures to leave Shrek's swamp, they must rescue a princess (Fiona). So, Shrek and Donkey go to rescue the princess. While Shrek is looking for the princess, Donkey gets chased by a dragon who cornered him on a broken bridge. As the dragon was about to eat him, he smooth-talked her so he would not be eaten, but she fell in love with him. She grabs him with her mouth and carries him away to her chambers, shaking her hips back and forth happily and swaying her long tail around as she walks away. In her lair, she wraps her tail around Donkey, traps him in her coils, and flirts with him persistently. Even though Donkey complains and doesn't show interest, it doesn't stop her. She then puckers her lips and proceeds to give Donkey a smooch, causing him to freak out. But at that moment Shrek falls down, knocks Donkey out of her tail, and Dragon accidentally kisses his behind instead. Enraged, she tries to give chase but fails. If Donkey had not been rescued, then Dragon would have likely kept him there forever where she could have kissed him as much as she pleased. During the journey back to Duloc, Shrek stated that there was a donkey named Gabby, who was "small and annoying". This description fits Donkey himself, and the name "Gabby" possibly could be "Donkey".

On the way to Duloc, Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona got along well. Even though Donkey was separated from Dragon, he reunites with her. Donkey, Dragon, and Shrek save Fiona from marrying Farquaad, who is eaten by Dragon.

Shrek 2

In the second film, Shrek and Fiona arrive at their swamp after their honeymoon, only to realize that Donkey had "babysat" their home. He had come because Dragon was all moody and vicious.

When Shrek and Fiona are invited to the kingdom of Far Far Away, Donkey accompanies them, but is extremely annoying all the way. He is excited to be in the palace. Shrek and Donkey go into the woods after the king had invited them for some father-son bonding with Shrek, and they meet a tabby cat named Puss in Boots. He says that he was hired by King Harold to kill Shrek, but he failed to do so. He pleaded for their forgiveness, but Donkey is upset when Shrek forgives him. At first, Donkey doesn't like Puss, but they eventually become friends.

Puss accompanies Shrek and Donkey to find the Fairy Godmother's office and helps the duo steal a potion called "Happily Ever After". When he offered to sample the potion for Shrek, Donkey interrupted him, saying it was "the best friend's job" and drinks a small amount of the potion. Nothing happened to him, so Shrek drank the entire bottle.

Later that night, Donkey starts to reassure Shrek that everything will be all right, until he faints -- which Shrek also does shortly afterwards. Waking up the next day, Donkey realizes that he is now a stallion, and that Shrek is now a human. After stealing a proper outfit for Shrek, the trio make their way to the castle, but the Fairy Godmother and her son Prince Charming are already there and a heartbroken Shrek lets Fiona go and leaves the palace with Donkey and Puss.

Shrek donkey and puss

Shrek and Donkey interrogating Puss

They are later rescued by the Three Little Pigs, the Three Blind Mice, the Big Bad Wolf, Pinocchio, and Gingy after they were locked up for running away from the authorities. Donkey guided Mongo, a giant gingerbread man created by the Muffin Man, to the castle and helped to take away the Fairy Godmother's wand. At midnight, he, Shrek and Fiona are transformed back into their regular selves. Donkey is disappointed that he's not a horse anymore, but Shrek assures him, that he will always be a stallion.

Later, Donkey and Puss are seen singing Livin' La Vida Loca.

At the end of the film, Donkey is reunited with Dragon, who is followed by their donkey/dragon-hybrid children, the Dronkeys, whom Donkey is happy to see.

Shrek the Third

In the third film, Donkey appears along with Puss to accompany Shrek along for the journey to find the new king of Far Far Away after King Harold dies in his lily pad. After Fiona announces her pregnancy, Donkey becomes very excited about the prospect of becoming an "uncle". After learning that Shrek is legitimately freaked out about becoming a father, he tries to comfort him by singing "Cat's in the cradle" which only annoys Shrek more. Donkey then tries to tell him that becoming a dad won't ruin Shrek's life and that they will have him and Puss to help him out and Donkey assures Shrek he will be a good dad.

Donkey has also named his kids after his favorite foods.

Donkey and Puss switch bodies in the film, but go back in their original bodies at the end.

Shrek Forever After

In the fourth film, in Rumpelstiltskin's universe, Donkey is afraid of Shrek and evil fairy tale creatures. Donkey also has messy fur in this universe. He was allowed to sing, but was forced to sing the songs that only the witches liked.

Video Game Appearances

Donkey has appeared in all the Shrek games for exception of the first one where he also isn't mentioned.

He also appeared in Shrek Super Slam as one of the 10 starting characters. His Super Slam is that he runs very hard over the stage bashing into the opponents.

He also appeared in Shrek Smash and Crash Racing. Donkey is one of the four racers that are unlocked from the start. Donkey's kart is the smaller version of the Dragon after he used the Fairy God Mother's wand to make her smaller. Donkey's personal item is his Microphone.


He is a gray donkey with a black mane and brown eyes.


Donkey is a hyperactive, talkative, funny, sensitive donkey. He enjoys singing, idle chatter and often speaks ebonics, but proves to be rather annoying to those around him (especially Shrek). Being a donkey, he has a sweet tooth and enjoys such foods as parfait, cake, waffles (his favorite) and "upside-down coconut souffle with mango chutney sauce", has acrophobia, colorblindness, hypochondria (fear of illness), cowardice, impatience and short attention span, is often innocent and tactless, and even a bit dim. In a scene about Merlin's bonfire, Donkey's sweet tooth gets the best of him, for he sees only a fudge torte in the enchanted smoke.


  • Donkey's bottom lip sticks out when he gets angry.
  • The "Happily Ever After" potion supposedly would affect both the drinker and his/her true love, so when Donkey drank it, Dragon might have became good looking, too (even though this is unknown), since Donkey said that Dragon was moody in the beginning. However, this was likely just a sign of her pregnancy.
  • In the book, Donkey's role was much more minor, and served as Shrek's mount for a short time.
  • Originally, Steve Martin was going to be chosen to voice Donkey by Steven Spielberg. Eventually, they chose Eddie Murphy as the voice of Donkey.
  • Donkey is modeled on a real donkey named Pericles who lives in Barron Park in Palo Alto, California.
  • Donkey never appeared in the first Shrek video game for Xbox, neither was he mentioned.
  • In the 4th film, it is revealed that he's quite good at Origami.
  • In Scared Shrekless, Donkey appeared to be slightly older as his voice had a slight change to it (performed by Dean Edwards, who has replaced Eddie Murphy). However, in Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular, he is no longer getting older as Eddie Murphy came back to voice Donkey again.
  • Donkey also appeared in Shrek the Musical with the OBC cast.
  • In the "Meet the Cast of Shrek 2" segment that is featured in the Special Features part on the Shrek 2 DVD, Eddie Murphy says, "Donkey is a really positive character. He's always looking at the bright side of everything, trying to work it out. A happy-go-lucky donkey."
  • Eddie Murphy has stated that "I firmly believe that if I were to drop dead right now, tomorrow the headline in the papers would say 'Eddie Murphy died last night' and right next to it would be a picture of that donkey."
  • Early versions of Shrek the Musical featured Donkey's proposal to Dragon.
  • Shrek the Musical is the only place where Donkey and Dragon ever sing a duet together (I'm a Believer).
  • In the commentary for Shrek 2, filmmakers stated that Dragon's storyline was drastically changed during the course of the story. She was going to be at the house when Shrek and Fiona got back but test audiences were afraid of her pregnant moodiness. She was also supposed to show up when the other fairy tale creatures showed up in Far Far Away to rescue Shrek, Puss, and Donkey from the jail, as a talking pegasus horse (Because Donkey drank the Happily Ever After potion, she changed too). Filmmakers stated that it was just too hard to have her keep the pregnancy a secret when she was talking, plus she had TOO much to say, so, the idea was nixed, but they did state that she still changed, making her Donkey's official true love.
  • Donkey and Dragon's daughter Eclair, has been missing since the beginning of Shrek 3.
  • Universal Studios parks have several attractions where guests can go and 'visit' with Donkey in various settings.
  • In the Nintendo Gamecube game Shrek Extra Large he only appears on the title cover.
  • He is voiced by Eddie Murphy (Dean Edwards in Scared Shrekless and Mark Moseley in the video games).
  • Donkey weighs 150 pounds.


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